Exterior Cleaning

When you need exterior cleaning services for your home or commercial property, choose a company that understands different cleaning methods for various exterior materials.

Main Cleaning Methods:

Soft Washing

  • Uses low pressure water and specialised chemicals to safely remove mould and grime.
  • Ideal for delicate surfaces like render, cladding and flat membrane roofs.

Pressure Washing

  • High pressure hot or cold water to remove dirt, mould, and grime.
  • Best for sturdy surfaces like concrete and brick.

Steam Cleaning

  • Uses exceedingly hot temperature steam to clean.
  • Best for ancient buildings with delicate stonework.

Restorative Cleaning

  • Combines different methods to restore surfaces to their original state.
  • Ideal for faded powder coated window frames and cladding.

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    Common Materials for Exterior Surfaces:


    • Render, a plaster like material used for coating walls in any colour.
    • Requires gentle cleaning methods like soft washing.


    • Plastic coated or aluminium panels covering a building’s exterior.
    • Soft Washing is often the best approach.

    Membrane Roofs

    • Waterproofing layers usually made from rubber to cover flat roofs.
    • Soft Washing will gently remove all organic growth, usually seen as black or dark green.


    • Includes limestone, sandstone, granite, and marble.
    • Combination of soft washing, steam cleaning and sometimes pressure washing to get effective results.


    • Common in many buildings.
    • Pressure washing is often the best cleaning method.


    • Used for walls, driveways, and pavements.
    • Best cleaned with pressure washing.


    • Found on roofs, walls, and flat surfaces.
    • Soft Washing and Pressure Washing to get best results.


    • Used for windows and modern facades.
    • Needs streak free purified water cleaning methods.


    • Includes steel, aluminium, and copper.
    • Must be cleaned with appropriate solutions to reduce corrosion.

    Walls or Flat Surfaces

    For all walls, roofs and flat surfaces, the right cleaning method ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. Choose a service that matches the cleaning method to the material for best results.