Window Cleaning Franchise

When you want to start a Window Cleaning Franchise

Are you ready to…

be your own boss?

Want to work from home and build yourself a brilliant lifestyle business earning a six-figure income?

Earn £76,000 - £897,000 per Year as a solopreneur or as an Owner Investor

100% Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee within the first 18 months

You Choose the Hours you Want to Work full or part-time, it’s up to you

Are you a Technician, a Manager or an Entrepreneur?

And Why Does it Matter?

Before you pour your life savings into any business venture, would it be a good idea to find out?

We offer you a NO obligation FREE one-hour Zoom meeting to find out.

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What happens on a Zoom meeting?

You get to ask us questions and we get to ask you some questions, this will help you and us to know if we are a good fit for each other?

Our aim is to really probe and ask you questions about why you want to become a business owner. Once you understand if you are a technician, manager, or entrepreneur, we can help you better.

You Will Understand WHY it’s Important and know what to do next

You Will Find Out What Size of Business you really want to be a leader of

You Will See For Yourself what we are about and whether you like us or not

You will get an email. Pick a time for a Zoom meeting that suits you.

The Cost of a Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchise

£11,997 plus VAT, plus you will need a suitable van and working capital to get you started.

What You'll Get As A Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchisee:

A Fully Branded Van Wrap stand out in your area!

A Window Cleaning System fully installed and ready to work

Water Fed Poles and other tools required to do the job

Sublimated Uniform keep standing out and you will become front of mind!

Proven to Work Marketing Materials you need customers!

£1,000 Worth of Work to get you started on your journey


And More Importantly...

Intensive Training to get you up to speed quickly

Bespoke Software System to manage your customers and work schedules

A Website Page for YOUR Location you need to gain trust in your local area

Support and Mentoring bi-weekly ZOOM meetings to DEVELOP You

Membership to the Nautilus WhatsApp Group for daily help


And EVEN More Importantly...

Help to Discover and Write up Your Business Plan IMPORTANT STEP to be Completed at the VERY BEGINNING of Your Entrepreneurial Journey.



Help to Write up Your Organisation Chart Crucial to know where you want to GO and how you are going to get there!



How Do You Attract GREAT Employees When it’s Time to Grow learning how to get the best employees applying for a position with your company, even BEFORE you advertise or need them.


Full Money Back Guarantee Unique in our Industry

Low Risk for You...

Your unique risk-free guarantee explained

Nautilus Window Cleaning is so confident that, if you pass our application process, you will become a super successful Window Cleaning Franchisee that we offer you a full money-back guarantee. No other exterior cleaning franchise or licenced operation, that we know of, offers you this. If you do not earn more than £76,000 in your first 18 months, we will buy back your licence for the same price you paid. Including the VAT!

Our Only Condition is That You Adhere to The Marketing Plan...

We know that if you follow the marketing plan, you will be a success (to be honest, many of our Nautilus vans do in excess of £10k per month!) because of this we are happy to put our money where our mouth is and provide you with this UNIQUE ZERO RISK GUARANTEE!

Our Unique Zero Risk Guarantee Explained...

In every business transaction, there is a risk involved. In 99% of the time, it's the person who buys the service who takes on the risk, this means YOU. That's why we created our zero-risk opportunity. Yes, we are a highly successful exterior cleaning business. However, we understand this is an important decision and one that needs to be right for you and your family! You may be unsure as to the earning potential in your area.

So How Does It Work?

We realise that you can only benefit from the franchise opportunity after you have made the investment, and this risk is what prevents many people from going forward. YOUR Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchise Opportunity comes RISK FREE! That's right, we provide you with a complete risk-free approach to owning one of our franchised territories.

If After 18 Months, You Have Not Generated an Income of £76,000, Then We Will "Buy Back" Your Licence for the £11,997 Plus VAT, and You Get to Keep the Profits that You Have Made During the 18 Months.


Our Franchise Licence Fee is £11,997 Plus Vat which we consider to be excellent value for such a good investment. Our zero-risk approach is unique to Nautilus Window Cleaning and is not available through any other Licensor.

Your monthly franchise licence management fee of 20% Plus VAT will not be returned, because we will have done a lot of work for you, which is fair.

Who Makes a Great Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchisee?

One thing we've learned over the past 20 years is that the biggest single factor in determining the level of success of any business is the business owner and their desire to learn more...

Entrepreneurial Flair We are looking for bright switched-on people with an entrepreneurial streak. You need to be able to spot opportunities to develop and grow your business and to maximise your profile in your local area

People Person This is probably the most important criterion in determining your success in this business. You need to be a genuine 'people person' You should be able to build rapport with anybody. Be friendly, smiley and have a genuine interest in others. Have the 'likeability' factor!

Ambition A high level of earnings won't be handed to you on a plate. You have to put in considerable work and effort to get there but what we know is that those Franchisees with the right drive and ambition, get there.

Attitude Attitude is an important factor in determining any success, and that's definitely true here. How will you cope when things don't go your way? If you can honestly say that you'll pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get on with it you'll be a great candidate to become a Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchisee.

Doers – Not Talkers The Franchisees who will make the most progress are the ones who will get on and execute. They Do Stuff. They TRY things. It might NOT all work, but they're good at implementing. Their business has a 'high metabolic rate'

Transform your fears into stepping stones

Procrastination has been stopping you from taking action. Not anymore! A Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchise transforms fears into stepping stones for your success story. With our robust support and proven system, your dream of a prosperous future is within reach.

Ready to begin your journey?

Ready to conquer your fears and embark on your window cleaning business journey with a Nautilus Window Cleaning Franchise? It all starts with you reaching out to us, you can call 0333 567 7733 or email We will set a suitable time for you to join us in a Zoom meeting where we will help you understand the opportunity and answer any questions you may have.

We currently cover Ashford, Rye, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone

We are coming to Faversham, Maidstone, and other areas of Kent Soon