Stone Cleaning

When you need stone cleaning services for your home or commercial property, the type of stone and what needs removing from it, determine the best method for cleaning it.

Types of Stone

There are many types of stone used for building homes and commercial properties. Here we will talk about the most popular ones.

  1. Portland Stone: is a durable limestone from the isle of Portland in Dorset. It is commonly used in buildings and monuments due to its strength and pale colour.
    Best Cleaning Methods: Soft Washing is perfect for removing algae and biological growth without damaging the stone’s surface. Super-heated water can also be used for highly effective results.
  2. Sandstone: is a sedimentary rock known for its warm, earthy tones and is often used for decorative facades and walkways.
    Best Cleaning Methods: Soft Washing is perfect for removing algae and biological growth without damaging the stone’s surface. Super-heated water can also be used for remarkably effective results. Cold water pressure washing can also be used* Should the building be grade II listed then only super-heated steam can be used.
  3. Granite: is a hard igneous rock available in assorted colours. It is popular for cladding main entrance facades and floors due to its superior strength and aesthetic appeal.
    Best Cleaning Methods: Both hot and cold-water pressure washing effectively remove dirt and stains without causing damage, ensuring the stone retains its polished look.
  4. Limestone: is a versatile sedimentary rock used in many architectural applications. It has a softer texture compared to other stones.
    Best Cleaning Methods: Soft Washing is the preferred method for cleaning limestone. This gentle approach uses low pressure soft wash mixtures to sanitise the surface clean without eroding the stone.

Choosing the right cleaning method is crucial for maintaining the integrity and appearance of your stone surfaces. Here are the primary techniques Nautilus Exterior Cleaning uses:

  1. Soft Washing
  • Uses low pressure cleaning solutions.
  • Gentle on softer stone like limestone
  • Effective for all types of organic matter removal 
  1. Superheated Water Cleaning:
  • Uses water heated to extremely hot temperatures to create steam.
  • Ideal for removing biological growth and deep-seated dirt.
  • Suitable for Grade II listed buildings.
  1. Cold Water Cleaning
  • Uses high pressure cold water.
  • Effective for harder stones like granite.
  • Effective for all types of organic matter removal.

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    Why Nautilus Exterior Cleaning?

    Darran Smith the co-founder has over forty years’ experience in stone cleaning to residential and commercial buildings throughout the United Kingdom. He runs support groups for other exterior cleaning companies and teaches them how to prevent damage whilst cleaning stone and other surfaces.

    How do I arrange for Nautilus Exterior Cleaning to clean my stone property?

    1. Contact us by phone or via email with your full address and any images if possible. Ask any questions you may have.
    2. Arrange a convenient time to meet us at your property and receive a fully written quotation.
    3. Accept the quote and pay a 30% deposit to “book in” your stone cleaning service on a mutually convenient date.
    4. The render cleaning team will arrive at about 8 am and begin the stone cleaning process to sanitise and remove all organic matter.